Seed potatoes

Seed potatoes

Genetic origin: Nena X M 75-364
Breeder (s): Kartoffelzucht Böhm – Germany
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Type: List A
Category: Consumption
Maturity: Early to medium-early

Tuber: Oval, very regular, very shallow eyes, yellow skin, smooth, yellow flesh.

Sprout: Red purplish, conical, medium hairiness.

Plant: Medium to tall, semi-upright habit, intermediate type.

Stem: Weak pigmentation.
Leaf: medium green, medium to large, medium open.
Flowers:moderately abundant.

Fruit: rare to very rare.
cultural characters and use
Susceptibility to diseases:
Leaf blight:
Tuber blight:
Common scab: insensitive.
Virus X:
A virus:
Virus Y:
Nematode RO 1-4: resistant.

Mechanical Impact: sensitive.

Culinary quality: cooking type AB, blackening void after cooking.

Dry matter content: fairly low.

Keeping quality: good.