Culture Seed potatoe

Seed potatoe

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Ground preparation

The potato like a deep, wet and light. Before planting we recommend to beaker your ground and break up large clods.
It’s also advisable to incorporate manure or fertilizer.

Culture potatoe : The plantation

The plantation begin in March if your ground is protect by green house otherwise start your plantation in April. It is advisable to wait the heavy frost end to plant your seed.

Plant the tubers to 6 or 7 cm depth by spacing of 40 cm within the row and 60 cm spacing between rows. When vegetation reaches 15 cm in height , digging back to earth at the base of plants to prevent the greening of tubers. It is recommended to water eventually , in the late afternoon of preference.

The harvest

The harvest can start at the begin of June for the early variety and can conclude in September.
For the preservation potato, put them in a cellar, sheltered of the sun and frost.

Date and Yield
1/2 hasty: 80 to 120 days
Belated: 120 to 150 days

100m^2: 12 to 15 kg of seed
For the small grade( 28/35 or 25/32): production between 250 and 400kg according to variety.

Insects and diseases

The mildew
He begin:

For struggle against the mildew, grant the biggest heed on the prophylactic proceedings and cure preventively.

The Colorado Beetle look like a big lady bug, but her color are yellow in black. She eat the leaf and when the leaf was attack the plant production is threatened. This insect lay small eggs who are concentrated under the leaf. This eggs abloom in a larva with red and black spot.
It is advisable to spray nettle manure. It is necessary to control, the eggs development and kill the larva.