Culture Seed garlic

Seed garlic

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The Tillage:

Garlic prefers a light, humus-rich soil, preference not too rich.

It fear fresh manure.

It is advisable to choose a sunny exposure and avoid wetlands.


Planting takes place from November to March for white garlic and from April to May for pink garlic.

It is advisable to plant 3 cm depth at a spacing of 12-15 cm in row 25 to 30 cm between rows.

Garlic does not resist the competition of vigorous weeds. It is therefore imperative to weed garlic plantations through various means including weeding, hoeing by hand or with herbicides. A deep hoeing near the plants is not advisable not to risk injuring the roots and thus reduce the yield of the crop.

The harvest:

The harvest takes place nine months after planting, in the presence of a good maturity of garlic.

Good mature garlic is seen when the leaves become yellowish and bend to the ground.

Once ripped, leave the garlic on the ground to dry in the sun and store it in a dry, ventilated area.

Insects and diseases:

The fly plays a detrimental role because its larva, occurring between mid-April and late May, eats the hearts of pods rotting thereafter.

To remedy this problem, it is néccesaire watering three times a week with a tansy decoction during the aforementioned period. And to tear and burn contaminated shots because the larvae move throughout the culture.

The larvae of the moth appear in May and attack the stems of the plant in May and June. To solve this, it is necessary during the month of May to spray 2 times a week with an infusion of tansy.

Rust is the main disease of garlic. leaves and bulbs attacked by fungi are spotted with orange-yellow and sometimes dry out. It takes a preventive spraying Bordeaux mixture.