LIZEN Seed potatoes Lizen

Seed potatoes

Seed potatoes

Genetic origin: Apollo X Alcmaria

Breeder (s): INRA – France

Catalogue registration: 1981

Category: Consumption

Maturity: medium-early in Early

Descriptive characters

Tuber: Long Short, regular, shallow eyes, yellow skin,

yellow flesh.

Sprout: Red purplish, conical, strong hair.

Plant: Medium height, semi-upright habit, semi-branching type.

Upper: internodes moderately pigmented, non knots

pigmented, slightly pronounced, straight wings.

Leaf: Dark green, moderately divided, half-opened ; leaflet

average, rounded oval (I = 1, 62); limbus plan.

Flowering: Moderately profuse.

Flower: Purplish red, partially pigmented flower bud.

Fruit: Very rare.

cropping characters and use

Yield: 06% of Bintje 1.

Grading: Proportion of large tubers: high to very high.

Sensitivity to diseases: Leaf blight: fairly

susceptible. Tuber blight: slightly susceptible.

Wart: sensitive. Common scab: slightly susceptible.

Virus X: resistant. Virus A: NTR Virus Y: susceptible.

Leaf roll: susceptible. Nematode ROI -4: RAS

Internal tuber defects: Rather slightly susceptible to stains

rust, slightly susceptible to hollow heart and slightly susceptible

to black spots.

Susceptibility to sprouting: Fairly susceptible.

Dormancy period: Short.

Culinary quality: on cooking, culinary group B,

blackening after cooking: nil, fry color: NTR

Dry matter content:. Low

Keeping quality. Pretty low

General characters

vigorous variety, relatively early, very productive, with precocity tuberization and presentation of tubers seem well suited for growing vegetables, but is quite sensitive to virus diseases.