INSTITUT DE BEAUVAIS Seed potatoes Institut de Beauvais

Seed potatoes

Seed potatoes

Genetic origin: Unknown

Breeder (s): Unknown

Catalogue registration: 1935

Category: Consumption

Maturity: Medium-late, late

Descriptive characters

Tuber: oblong Rounded short, half-sunken eyes, skin

Sprout: Purplish red, conical, slight hairiness.

Plant: Tall, upright habit, semi-branching type.

Stem: medium pigmentation; wings developed undulating.

Leaf: Light green, little divided, open; Average leaflet, oval

extended (I = 1, 87); limbus: plan. ;] Z Flowers: Abundant.

Flower: white, green flower bud.

Fruit: Very rare.

Cropping characters and use

Yield: 88% of Kerpondy.

Grading: Proportion of large tubers: very high.

Susceptibility to diseases: Leaf blight : sensitive enough.

Tuber blight: moderately susceptible.

wart: sensitive. Common scab: fairly susceptible.

Leaf roll: susceptible. Nematode ROI -4: RAS

faults Internal tuber: Insensitive stain

rust, moderately susceptible to hollow heart,

black spots: NTR

Sensitivity to sprouting. Fairly susceptible

to shocks Sensitivity: RAS

Dormancy period: Short.

Culinary quality: Pretty good for cooking,

culinary group B, blackening after cooking: nil, colo

fry: RAS

Dry matter content:. Low

Keeping quality: Medium.

General characteristics

Old French variety giving large tubers

with white flesh. It is still cultivated in some parts

of the south of France.