HERMINE Seed potatoes Hermine

Seed potatoes

Seed potatoes

Genetic origin: Lamia X Europa

Breeder (s): Britain plants and Union Pontivy – France

Catalogue registration: 1999

Category: Consumption

Maturity: Medium-early to medium

descriptive character

Tuber: Long oval, shallow eyes, yellow skin,

flesh pale yellow.

Sprout: Purplish red, conical, strong hair.

Plant: High Medium height, semi-erect to erect,

like branching.

Upper: average pigmentation.

Leaf: Medium to dark green, semi-glossy to glossy, slightly

to very slightly divided, half-opened; medium to large leaflet,

medium width to broad, oval.

Flowering: Moderately abundant abundant.

Flower: Purplish red, flower bud moderately

to strongly pigmented.

Fruit: Absent or very rare to rare.

cropping and use characters

Yield: 103% of Claustar.

Grading: Proportion of large tubers:. very high

Susceptibility to diseases: Leaf blight: fairly susceptible.

Tuber blight: moderately susceptible.

wart: not attacked. Common scab: moderately


sensitive. Winding:. Moderately susceptible

nematode ROI -4: susceptible.

Tuber internal defects: Moderately susceptible to

rust spots, very slightly susceptible to hollow heart, moderately

susceptible to black spots.

Susceptibility to sprouting. Moderately susceptible

to shocks Sensitivity: . Susceptible

Dormancy period: Fairly long.

Culinary quality: for cooking, culinary group B,

blackening after cooking: nil, not suitable for frying.

Dry matter content:. Low

Keeping quality: Fairly good