EARLY ROSE Seed potatoes Early Rose

Seed potatoes

Seed potatoes

Genetic origin: Sowing Garnet Chile, for Bresee – USA

Synonymy Early Early, carpentiere

Category: Consumption

Maturity: Medium-early

Descriptive characters

Tuber: Long flattened, rather regular, shallow eyes half-sunken, spread especially tuber, pink skin pale, white skin, vascular ring sometimes pink.

Germ: Rosé at the base, cylindrical, dense hairiness.

Plant:. Medium height, semi-upright and semi-spreading

Stem: Weak pigmentation, with slightly wavy wings.

Leaf: Yellow Green dark, pink petioles and veins; leaflet large, oblong; limbus plan.

Flowering: Fairly abundant.

Flower: White.

Fruit: Very rare.