DESIRE Seed potatoes Desire

Seed potatoes

Seed potatoes

Genetic origin: Urgenta X Depesche

Breeder (s): Z.RC. – Netherlands

Catalogue registration: 1971

Category: Consumption

Maturity: half late to Medium

Descriptive characters

Tuber: Long, rather regular, shallow eyes, red skin,

yellow flesh.

Sprout: Purplish red, barrel-shaped, medium hairiness.

Plant: Tall, upright habit, semi-branching type.

Upper: internodes highly pigmented, nodes slightly

pigmented, with narrow wings straight.

Leaf: Clear green, little divided, open; leaflet average,

oval (I = 1.73); limbus plan.

Flowering: Abundant.

Flower: Purplish red, large white points, flower bud

partially pigmented.

Fruit: Fairly common.

cropping and use characters

Yield: 104% of Bintje.

Grading: Proportion of large tubers:. high

Sensitivity diseases: Leaf blight: moderately

susceptible. Tuber blight: slightly susceptible. Wart:

not attacked. Common scab: susceptible. Virus X: NTR

Virus A: NTR Virus Y: slightly susceptible. Leaf roll: fairly

susceptible. Nematode ROI -4: RAS

Internal tuber defects: Slightly susceptible to

stains. Rust, susceptible to hollow heart

Sensitivity to sprouting: Insensitive.

Dormancy period: Very long.

Culinary quality: Fairly firm cooking group

food BC, blackening after cooking: nil, average, fairly

good fry color.

Dry matter content:. Moderately high

Storability. Good

General characters

Productive variety, with large tubers with red skin, sensitive to common scab