Potato seedlings Jaerla
Origin: Sirtema X MPI 1 9.268
Breeder (s): Friese Maatschappij Van Landbouw – Netherlands
Entry in the catalog: 1971
Maturity: Early
Tuber: Oblong short to oblong, fairly regular, fairly
superficial, yellow skin, pale yellow flesh.
Germ: Purplish red, weakly colored, conical, weak hairiness.
Plant: Medium size, leafy type.
Stem: Medium-pigmented,
Leaf: Dark green; large leaflet, oval
rounded (I = 1, 70); limbo plan.
Flowering: Moderately abundant.
partially pigmented floral button
Fructification: Rare.
Yield: 98% of Bintje.
Calibration: Proportion of large tubers: strong to very strong.
Disease susceptibility: Downy mildew: fairly little
sensitive. Tuber blight: not very sensitive.
Warty wart: no attack. Common scab: fairly little
sensitive. Virus X: R.A.S. Virus A: resistant.
Virus Y: moderately sensitive. Winding: fairly sensitive.
Internal tuber defects: Slightly stain-resistant
of rust, moderately sensitive to the hollow core,
tasks: R.A.S.
Sensitivity: Sensitive.
Vegetative rest: Short.