ESTIMA Seed potatoes Estima

Seed potatoes

Seed potatoes

Genetic origin: SVR 51640 XG 3014

Breeder (s): JP and RR. Dijkhuis – Netherlands

Catalogue registration: 1981

Category: Consumption

Maturity: Medium-early

Descriptive characters

Tuber: Long, very regular, very shallow eyes,

yellow skin, yellow flesh.

Sprout: Green, conical, strong hair.

Plant: Medium height ., semi-upright habit, semi-branching types. Stem: no pigmentation, pronounced with little wings, straight Leaf: Dark green, little divided, half-opened; leaflet large, oval curve (I = 1, 50); limbus plan. Flowering: Moderately profuse. Flower: White, green flower bud. Fruit: Moderately frequent. cropping and use characters Yield: 109% of Bintje. Grading: Proportion of large tubers: high. disease Sensitivity: Leaf blight : moderately susceptible. Tuber blight: fairly susceptible. Wart: not attacked.

Common scab: moderately susceptible. Leaf roll: susceptible. Nematode ROI -4: RAS Internal tuber defects: Slightly susceptible to stains rust, slightly susceptible to hollow heart and insensitive. Black spots sensitivity to sprouting: Fairly susceptible. Dormancy period: Long. Culinary quality: held cooking, culinary group B, blackening after cooking: nil, fry color: NTR Dry matter content:. Fairly low Keeping quality. Pretty good General characters very productive variety, with large oblong tubers, very regular , a fairly good conservation but whose content dry matter is quite low.