CASTELINE Seed potatoes Casteline

Seed potatoes

Seed potatoes

Breeder (s): Bretagne Plants – France

Catalogue registration: 2001

Category: Consumption

Maturity: Early

Descriptive characters

Tuber: Long oval, shallow eyes, yellow

skin. Pale yellow

flesh. Sprout: Purplish red, conical, very hairy

Plant: Medium height, semi-upright habit, leafy type.

Upper: absent or very weak pigmentation.

Leaf: Light green medium, semi-glossy to glossy, closed

half-closed; medium to large leaflet, medium width.

Flowering: Slightly abundant.

Flower: White, flower bud not or very weakly pigmented.

Fruit: Absent or very rare.

descriptive characters

Yield: in January 07% of (+ Sirtema Ostara) / 2.

Calibration: Proportion of large tubers: medium.

Susceptibility to diseases: Leaf blight: susceptible

to very susceptible. Tuber blight: fairly susceptible.

Wart: not attacked. Common scab: moderately


Leaf roll: moderately susceptible.

Nematode ROI -4. Resistant

tubercle of internal defects: Moderately susceptible

to rust spots, very slightly susceptible to hollow heart,

sensitive. Black spots

sensitivity to sprouting: Fairly susceptible.

Mechanical Impact: Very sensitive.

Dormancy period: Fairly short.

Culinary quality: Fairly firm cooking,

culinary group B, blackening after cooking: nil, not suitable

for frying.

Dry matter content:. Fairly low

Ability to Conservation: Avg.