Seed potatoes

Seed potatoes

descriptive characters

Tuber: Long oval, shallow eyes, yellow skin, smooth, pale yellow flesh.

Sprout: Red purplish, conical, medium hairiness.

Plant: low to medium, semi-upright habit, intermediate type.

Upper: no pigmentation or very low.

Leaf: light to medium, semi-gloss, small to medium size; leaflet medium, medium width.

Flowering: low abundance.

Flower: white, flower bud slightly to moderately pigmented.

Fruit: rare.
cultural characters and use

Yield: 127% of Belle de Fontenay.

Calibration: proportion of large tubers: medium.

Susceptibility to diseases:
Leaf blight: fairly susceptible.
Tuber blight: susceptible.
Wart: R.A.S.
Common scab: fairly insensitive.
Winding: slightly susceptible.
Nematode RO 1-4: Susceptible.

Internal tuber defects: slightly susceptible to rust spots and hollow heart,
fairly susceptible to black spots.

Sensitivity to desprouting: sensitive.

Mechanical Impact: sensitive.

Dormancy period: Short.

Culinary quality: good for cooking, culinary group A, blackening after cooking: nil, fry color: medium to dark enough.

Dry matter content: Low.

Keeping quality: Fairly low.